Nike Harmonics of Air. Experiential Marketing Case Study


In 2019, we were approached by Nike to create various new media installations involving the NIKE AIR MAX 720. After an internal r&d phase, my suggestion was turning the shoe into a playable instrument via sensors and movement algorithms. This became one part of the various installations which took place in Nike Stores around Istanbul.HARMONICS OF AIR commissioned by NIKE augments the sounds of moving air. Each participant is uniquely associated with the real-time musical & visual theme. To achieve a Mysterious portal within the physical and digital world we create a custom sensor box and 2 real-time software.


One of my passions is to bring people into a musical experience without needing any background. Harmonic Of Air allows just that — we can put music in people’s hands and give them an understanding of what performing means without needing any previous musical experience.

Inside the sneaker is a gyroscope. The gyroscope is an integral part of the sneakers communication to a musical software via OSC*.

The controlling computer communicates to the gyroscope what sound it should make based upon its position, including any pitch interpolation, cut-off-and any of a variety of additional custom-built sound effects.

This audio-visual experience invites you to create a personalized music performance based on your unique movements and your interactions with our immersive sneaker set.

The sensor reads the visitor’s hand movements, then translates this information into a musical sequence that’s matched to the rhythm.

Open Sound Control (OSC)

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology. This simple yet powerful protocol provides everything needed for real-time control of sound and other media processing while remaining flexible and easy to implement.

Nike Air Max Controlling Software User Interface (UI)

Using the XYZ positioning in space and my own custom software, the position data is trackable within the activated space and their movements and location are constantly updated. The software tracks across the space and sends a signal to the synth in sequential order — activating it with sound and visuals.


TOLGA ÖZUYGUR, the Technical Director of Awesome Bros, was brought onto the project that he recommended they make the switch to the gyroscope. It came at an affordable price and in fact, this wasn’t the first time Tolga had used a gyroscope for an art-based installation.


The experiential installation attracted a large audience into the Nike store. In fact, some stores broke Nike’s in-store sneaker sales number, a total of 3,6oo AirMax shoes sold in one week. Nike’s use of technology in the experiential marketing space indicates that marketers see a positive ROI when technology that engages audiences is implemented in their product exhibition.


Production CompanyAwesomeBrosCreative Director | Lead ArtistSüleyman YılmazCreative Director | ComposerMehmet Ünal




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